Entry — published on September 15, 2008

Curb Appeal: Entry

Set the tone for the rest of your home with a welcoming entry featuring a clear path to your front door, an attractive porch, and well-tended greenery

The entrance to your home, as well as the walkway up to your front door, send an immediate signal to all who arrive on your doorstep. A clear path that’s well-lit and maintained sets the standard. But with a little planning, some decorative accents, pretty plants, and other thoughtful additions, you’ll offer a memorable welcome that instantly draws guests into your home.


Symmetry is key. Place potted plants in pairs to convey a well-balanced entrance. Choose larger-scale pots and plants for a dramatic flourish.


A white picket gate is one of the most classic ways to define your entryway. It also provides a measure of safety. Enhance the simple gate’s appeal with a flower-laden arbor that creates an airy, romantic doorway. Don’t hesitate to mix materials. A wooden gate and iron arbor strike a nice balance.