Lawns — published on April 23, 2011

A Lawn of Curb Appeal

Revive your lawn after a long winter, and watch it thrive

Winter can be hard on your lawn. While a healthy layer of snow acts as an insulating blanket for your grass, the melting snow often reveals brown or patchy spots where cold, ice and wind teamed up to do damage.

“Spring maintenance using a proper top dress and environmentally-friendly weed control will restore your lawn from its winter slumber and prevent weed growth as the temperatures climb,” says Tammy Lawrence, president of Turf Revolution. “It’s important consumers and lawn-care contractors are aware of what they are spreading on their grass if they want to ensure they have a healthy, green lawn this summer.”

Here are some springtime tips to build the ultimate lawn this summer:

Core Aeration: Aeration in the spring will combat soil compaction, ensuring oxygen, water and nutrients to reach the roots.
Soil test A soil test will help identify the deficiencies in your soil, helping you pick the right product that will improve your lawn and ensure healthy growth throughout the year.

Overseed: Overseeding is a crucial step to achieve a thick, lush lawn. It is an easy way to fill in bare patches and to establish improved grass varieties and enhance your lawn’s colour and density.

Topdress: Turf Revolution’s all-natural Revive & Thrive 2-0-2 with Asco 3-in-1 Topdressing and Repair uses granulated compost from leaf and yard waste to support a certified seed blend and fertilized with a 100% marine plant extract to improve seed germination and promote root development. Application in early spring will enhance the beneficial microbes in your lawn, increasing the organic matter, and will prohibit the growth of worms. Its all-natural ingredients are safe for children and pets.

Fertilize: A 100% all-natural organic fertilizer is not only safe around pets and children, but it also encourages the growth of both grass and the organisms necessary to promote healthy plant growth.

Any spring lawn care program should also include a weed control aspect to prohibit the spread of unsightly weeds like dandelions and crabgrasses. Ontario residents have been unable, by law, to apply chemical pesticides and herbicides to their lawns since Earth Day 2008, meaning they have to find organic, environmentally-friendly alternatives if they want a lawn that is free from invasive weeds.

Phosphate-free Corn Gluten Meal 9-0-0 is a 100% natural alternative for weed control. Turf Revolution uses corn meal derived from the wet milling of corn, ensuring it has at least 60% inhibitory protein – making it among the most effective all-natural pre-emergent weed controls available.

“Corn Gluten Meal effectively stops root formation at the germination stage,” Lawrence says. “It is perfect for use on established lawns in large or small venues, from your backyard to the neighbourhood soccer field to golf courses to sod farms.”

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