01: Impressions — published on March 16, 2009

Creating Curb Appeal

The home selling market is a tough nut to crack these days and first impressions are everything. Creating curb appeal is the key to getting your home noticed as the buyers drive around the neighborhoods to find their perfect place to live. Curb appeal is the look and feel you get from the outward appearance of your home and the property. It’s a first impression to what’s to come inside, and with a good curb appeal presence, you set the stage for an inviting place to call home.

Some aspects to consider when working your curb appeal:

  • neat and classy landscaping with some splashes of color and a neatly mowed lawn
  • freshly painted home and/or fencing, including clean or freshly power washed siding
  • clear and large house number and neat mailbox that matches the outside look of your home
  • inviting entryway with a nice door matching the decor of your home
  • proper outdoor lighting for evening visitors


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